General Information

What to Pack (Chobe NP)

Generally, casual comfortable clothing is suitable throughout the year, dull neutral colours are most suitable.
Campsites are very sandy so suitable footwear is advised.
T shirts.
Jeans or safari trousers for the cool evenings and mornings.
A fleece or warm sweater for those early morning game drives.
A good pair of Sunglasses.
Sun block, a hat and insect repellent are essential!
Binoculars and a camera with charged batteries - there is no electricity in the bush (we can charge via the cigarette lighter 12V only).
A headlamp or torch is vital.
If you enjoy a whisky or the like, you are welcome to bring a bottle along to sip by the Campfire.
A towel, and your own toiletries (ladies please remember there are no shops for emergencies)
Any medication if necessary, we do have a medical aid box with the basics.
There will be times when you are exposed to the sun so a thin long sleeve shirt may come in handy.
The early morning drives will be very cold in the winter months - so layers are best to keep out the chill in the back of the game drive vehicle. (June-Aug.)
Please attempt to travel as light as possible - space is always an issue on Safari.
If you have recently travelled to a yellow fever area please ensure you have the relevant yellow fever vaccination requirements in place.
Please ensure you have checked the appropriate Visa requirements for your nationality before travelling.
Last but not least, a sense of humour ………… this is Africa!!